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About  us

Our workshop

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The village is located in the beautiful Peloponnesian county. ​

Our company konstcreations is also based in Kyparissia.

We appreciate life near nature and enjoy the presence of the sea, the mountains and the fields, away from the bustle of the city. 

The materials we use are natural including recycled leather, clay, wood and metal.


Our unique handmade jewelery is inspired by the tradition, culture and art of past civilations. Minoan, Byzantine, African, Aboriginal art are amonst our influencies .


We intend to bring primitivism to life , emphasising the minimalistic aesthetic and the simplicity that characherises geometry, lines, colours and materiality. ​ 

My name is Konstantina, I come from Athens and I am a graduate of the Fine and Applied Arts  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

My vision and dream was to start crafting and selling jewelry.

Finally, after a lot of work and persistence a wish came true..


Managing a business, working from home..


A few years later, I started my own company in cooperation with Fanis.

We created konstcreations workshop in 2017. 

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Fanis, comes from the lovely island of Paros.

He quit his job as an electrician to join me in Konstcreations.

Fanis loves agriculture, he likes spending time in our garden. 


We have a lemon tree, an avocando tree, an orange tree, mandarin tree, peach tree, apricot tree, a variety of vegestable. 


He also cultivates native traditional  seeds in our small paradise garden that we can see from our window.

Our Jewelry

All the items are handmade from raw materials such as leather, clay, stainless steel and wood beads.

Most of our designs are inspired by nature. We collect our leather from the leathers stock shops. It came in a small pieces that will not be reused.


Our jewelry is a piece of art.. We want to provide our aesthetic and creativity in combination with the high quality materials and the satisfaction of our customers.

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We hope you will enjoy your stay in our web shop.

Feel free to explore the site and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will replay to you as soon as possible.

Have a nice time,

Take care!

Friendly ,


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